Helen Armstrong, one of the greatest violinists of her time,
was unheralded relative to her peers during her life. In The Shadow of Her Smile, her husband, author Ajit Hutheesing, has written a touching story of two people in a relationship of profound love. The book reveals Helen’s remarkable life - that of a childhood prodigy transformed into a virtuoso violinist whose international acclaim began but was interrupted by tragedy in her family. As a result, she decided to dedicate her life to charitable contributions of her talent and money to the enhancement of classical music education and appreciation – and, of course, to her family. The book also sketches dramatic vignettes of India’s struggle for independence from the British empire , in which the author’s family played a leading role. Subsequent political developments forced Ajit to leave India and take up residence in the United States – which is how his life and Helen’s united.

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"a masterpiece!" ~Peter Drittel
"It is simply superb. It is a story for the ages" ~William Vanden Heuvel
"production is excellent – it will be a collector’s item” ~Arun Mehta