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Ajit grew up in India during the turbulent years of its struggle for freedom from the British Raj. Fortunate to have been born into the Nehru family, his early life was influenced greatly by some of the most famous names in modern India. He went to Cambridge University to study the sciences before completing his graduate studies with an MBA from Columbia University. Ajit was one of the first Indians on Wall Street when he started his investment banking career in 1960 in the United States. Thereafter, he spent a year in London working for an exceptional merchant banker.

He returned to India in 1963 to start the first investment bank in India. But facing the opposition of his father, and the unfriendly policies of the Indian government towards private capital, he decided to leave India. He joined the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector investment banking arm of the World Bank in 1965. At the invitation of an old friend, Mr. James D. Wolfensohn, then President and CEO of Schroders USA (thereafter, President of the World Bank), Ajit joined Schroders in 1975. He left Schroders in 1985 and after a brief period as Chairman of another Wall Street firm, started his own venture capital firm called International Capital Partners, Inc. (ICP).

It was during the formation of ICP that Ajit met Helen Armstrong—an encounter which changed the purpose and direction of his life. This book is all about the new life he shared with Helen and the impact she had on him and everyone else she touched.