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“It is simply superb. It is a story for the Ages. To tell such a beautiful, intimate, painful story in a way that lifts our souls is masterful. It is powerful, Ajit, but it is the power of love that transcends. Your message leaves all of us with the opportunity to reflect on where we are – and then understanding how we can enrich our lives through love, music and friendship.”
              – William Vanden Heuvel. US Ambassador to the UN; Kennedy family confidant and associate; Chairman, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute; Businessman; Author

"There are many messages you share in your book but one of which is most profound to me, it is that of connection….a glance, a smile, a touch, the gift of music, a sympathetic ear or whatever form of heart and soul connection has been shared....I feel grateful to you for affording me the opportunity to share in your enlightenment through your moving words, a message that is right on time....Once we are awake there’s no going back and that is truly a gift to share.…thank you Helen, thank you Mr. Hutheesing for writing this epic love story and for sharing it with me!"
               -Caren Lambrinos – Director, Risk Management, PURE

"The book production is excellent. It will be a collector’s item for all those who knew Helen. Every time her family and friends will pick-up the book they will hear her music and see her radiant smile. My heartiest congratulations for an outstanding book written with love and reverence."
               -Arun Mehta – Chairman & Managing Director, Vakil & Sons – leading Indian Publishers and Printers

"I am proud of you for producing an incredible document… what a spectacular tribute to Helen. I wish I had gotten to know this magnificent human being and artist before she left us I am somewhat envious of you for having experienced such perfection in a relationship. It couldn't have happened to a kinder and more genuine man! Congratulations on producing a lasting legacy, and a masterpiece!"
               -Peter Drittel, Banker (featured in the book)

"I was on the road giving book talks so only got to read your book yesterday. So deeply moving! Your special story with Helen is beautiful and beautifully conveyed in your writing. It made me think of the proverb about building a good fire. Be sure to place the logs close enough so they can ignite but not so close that they smother the fire. You and Helen managed to keep your blaze alight for your entire time together in just this way. What a gift you were to each other, even if it had to be interrupted too soon. Sending huge applause."
               -Barbara Paul Robinson, Author of Rosemary Verey, lawyer

"I read your book before bed last night – moving and elegant indeed"
               -Jim (James D. Wolfensohn), ex-President of The World Bank

"I started reading the minute I got the book. Could not resist. Overwhelmed with your book and filled with wonderful memories of that magical evening when you both met and the years of happiness that followed. Your account Ajit, is as exquisite as the gentle and beautiful Helen….I am sure she would be pleased with your strong and loving embrace."
               -Anne Sutherland Fuchs, Multiple directorships and ex-publisher of Vogue, Elle and Woman's Day
                (featured in the book)

"I just returned from London and Budapest and sat down to read your book in one sitting. An absolutely wonderful book – I was driven to tears.  It is beautifully written and I send my congratulations.  When are your writing your next book on your experiences as a youngster growing up in India during our struggle for independence?"
               -Khushroo N. Suntook, Chairman, The National Performing Arts Center, Mumbai, India
                (Founder of the Symphony of India)

"I’ve finished reading your wonderful, wonderful book. It is one of the most delightful books I have read. It touched me to learn that a good friend of mine could write so well. I was especially moved by your contemplation of the details of the last moments of your life - it brought tears to my eyes. I wish you a long and happy life"
               -Phatu R. Mulchandani, Mumbai, India

“She cast a very long shadow and you captured it brilliantly. That I shed tears in the reading is a testament both to the person she was and the wonderful way you captured her persona. The lesson you learned from Helen about expressing your feelings is something many of us (mostly males) have  struggled with….. Thank you for sharing your love and your pain.
              -Mark J. Maged, ex-President/CEO, Schroders Inc., New York

"Your book The Shadow of Her Smile was most touching and repeatedly brought tears to my eyes. What a gift Helen was to you and you to her. I do believe she was expressing her love for you through her music. I felt as though I was visiting with Helen once again and loved her again." (Click here for full review)
               -Barbara Netter, President & Co-Founder, Alliance for Cancer Gene

"I just finished reading the book and the first thing that comes to my mind is that I wished I had known Helen better. You are an excellent writer and have really brought out all the emotion that there is in the book. Well done and keep up your writing. It is certainly a memento and for all who knew her a book and her memory to preserve and cherish. Thanks for writing this
lovely book. I will treasure it."
               -Dr. Yusuf K Hamied, Chairman, Cipla Limited, Mumbai, India

"I couldn't put the book down till I had gone through it from cover-to-cover nonstop, last evening. It is a really beautiful love story of an extraordinarily wonderful, angelic person, by a sensitive, loving, gifted writer."
               -Hadi Kizilbash, Mumbai, India

"…..this touching tribute to Armstrong’s life, from husband Ajit Hutheesing, displays his love and care on every page. The story is heartbreaking —made all the more so by the inclusion of remembrances of Armstrong's peers in the music world. She was passionate about her art and worked tirelessly to infuse others with the same enthusiasm. This book will secure her legacy, and it's a worthy effort. Hutheesing's writing is polished and compelling" (Click here for full review)
               -BlueInk Review, April 2014 - The gold standard in independent reviews of self published works.

"Hutheesing engagingly finds a balance between adulation and veneration; although he adored Helen, her premature death doesn’t spur him to imbue her with perfection. His summary of his own history is fascinating, ….his family connections are impressive (he’s a nephew of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru). A touching, personal memoir of an uncommon marriage." (Click here for full review)
               -Kirkus Review, April 2014

"Recommended Reading: None who had the good fortune to hear her will forget the magnificent sound she drew from her beloved Guadagnini violin. She could easily have gone on to become world famous, but she dedicated her incredible talent to bringing an appreciation of classical music to school children and to people of all ages in their communities." (Click here for full review)
               -John W Moffly IV, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Moffly Media. See Greenwich Magazine, October 2014 (pg 36)

"I got goose-bumps when I saw the cover photo of Helen and read some of the comments from friends. It is possible, and not uncommon, for people to be married and never understand the full scope of their partner's being. Violinist Helen Armstrong was a remarkable woman in every way, and her husband Ajit Hutheesing has captured her amazing spirit and talent in a way reserved for those select few who know how to truly look into someone’s soul. Through his grief he has written a beautiful and articulate love letter to Helen that conveys to the reader everything they should know about a woman who touched the lives, both musically and personally, of literally thousands of people. I will miss my dear friend forever, and I thank Ajit for keeping her memory alive."
              -Louise Baranger (Tregaskis) -Trumpet Diva

" I read your lovely book – it was touching and interesting throughout…and a beautiful tribute to Helen.  I am happy that so many YCA artists were connected to her"
                   -Susan Wadsworth, Director, Young Concert Artists, Inc.

"This is a truly loving testament to Helen, her always warm smile, and her Magnificent Mastery of her violin music.  I found Ajit’s recollections of her fateful night very moving, as it recreated the sad evening for me.  Ajit and Helen became dear friends of ours, and his personal reflections in this book of their “love story”, are most touching.  I loved Ajit taking us back into his fascinating Indian heritage, his final move to America, meeting Helen, and their subsequent multicultural marriage.  One of those books you cannot put down!"
                   -Rev. Carole A. Thomassy PhD  - Interfaith Minister, Poet, Artist

"Congratulations. You have done a marvelous job. It is beautifully written and you have brought out all her outstanding qualities."
                   -Jeroo Mango, Publisher, Book Store Owner (Mumbai, India)

"You tell the story of your respective lives, and together, just beautifully. The book is nuanced, sensitive and inspiring.  Most of all,  it is a warm and moving testimony to Helen, her music and her soul."
                   -Sam Seidman, Investment Banker

"This is a beautiful, multicultural love story that touched and enriched the lives of so many. Ajit and Helen's love for each other & their love of music, nurtured more than 125,000 school children through the Music Enrichment Program in Washington, CT. My wife Catherine and I will always remember her brilliant smile, sparkling eyes and the notes so exquisitely played. Thank you Ajit, for enriching our lives with Helen's friendship. Helen's premature and tragic sudden-death underscores the need for better understanding, early diagnosis and treatment, of Women's Heart Disease."
                  -Dr. Rony Y. Shimony MD, FACC, Director, the Mount Sinai Heart & Vascular Center Midtown, New York N.Y

“This is a wonderful book, and it gives so much insight into someone who clearly was an amazing person”.
                  -Deborah Kalb, Author, Editor, Blogger

“...once I started reading it I could not put it down! It is well written sentimental journey and I feel grateful to have been a part of your past….”
                  - Lalit Khosla

“Helen Armstrong, one of the greatest violinists of her time, was unheralded relative to her peers during her life. In The Shadow of Her Smile, her husband, author Ajit Hutheesing, has written a touching story of two people in a relationship of profound love. The book reveals Helen’s remarkable life - that of a childhood prodigy transformed into a virtuoso violinist.”
                  -Magic City Morning Star

“I have just read your wonderful book about Helen..She was a remarkable woman and I can understand your deep feelings for her. Thank you for writing such a thoughtful piece”
                  -Burtt Ehrlich

"What a beautiful story, written beautifully.  What a tribute…….the interweaving of your incredible stories was wonderful. Loved it."
                  -Jevera Kaye Hennessey, LLC, Greenwich CT

"Thanks for writing your beautiful love story. Helen absolutely comes to life, and her profound impact on children, musicians and others through her many good deeds is detailed in an extremely well written manner. Your background, family, India's independence, and your coming to America with your wife and children are also vividly portrayed."
                  -George Thomassy – Investment Banker

"Reading this book was bittersweet, to say the least. It is a touching memorial to a lovely woman and a dedicated musician."
                  -Dr. Pamela Mia Paul. Pianist, Regents Professor of Piano, University of North Texas College of Music